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Top Scented Candles For Your Project
March 22, 2016
scented candles

We have been using candles for many years for many different purposes. Not only that we use candle for lighting purposes, it can be a great addition to our home decoration as well. Scented candles are the kind of candle that come with various functions. It is very common that this kind of candle seen as an elegant craft and with a relaxing and lovely aroma, you can create a nice aromatherapy to help you enhance your mood. Candles with pleasing aromas tend to come with a high price in the market. However, when you have all the required items on hand, you will find no difficulty in making your own scented candles on a DIY project. Here is what you need to do to make this decorative candles at home.


What You Need to Have

Scented candle is now always high in demand. It should not be too surprising that we now have many different scented candle companies and manufacturers. If you do not feel like spending a large amount of money on this kind of aromatic candle, you might need to do a little research to know how to make scented candles on your own. You will realize just how simple it is in creating a scented candle of your own. The price of this DIY project is far from making a big hole in your wallet. If you are clueless about the type of aroma that you like to use, you might want to browse more information about top smelling scented candles in the net. It might give you a clear idea of how to make beautiful candles that produce pleasant aromas in your house.


Before you start your DIY project, you must equip yourself with paraffin wax, scent, candle wick, molding container, thermometer, pouring container, double boiler, color and heat source. Since wax is an inflammable item, make sure that you keep your project away from your children. You can start with placing the paraffin wax in the pouring container which is placed over the heat source. You can use the thermometer to measure the temperature in the melting wax. Once you mixture your desired color, you can go on with placing the wax melts on the molding container and place the candle wick below the container. You need to mixture all the added contents properly before the pouring process. You can create some holes before it cools down. The last step would be to remove the mixture from the molding container.


Creating a scented candle at home could be a fun experience and the you can use the craft for enhancing your interior decoration. For this particular purpose, the woodwick scented candles have become a very common option. When you desire a more exotic scents on your candles, you can choose some exotic fruits like coconut, apple or cinnamon as your preferred candle scents. Once you get familiar with making scented candles on your own, sharing to some close friends would be a fun activity. You might come up with a new idea of making more relaxing and beautiful candles for any occasion.


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