Things You Need to Know About Ear Candling

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March 22, 2016
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Thinking About Ear Candling? Read This First!

Modern medication and medical treatment are not the only options that can help us improve and maintain our general health. We are now provided with many other options including ear candling remedies. This has been a preferable alternative among many people in different countries in the world. In some countries, ear candling is better known as ear coning and it is mostly used to deal with a number of health problems including ear pain, headaches and sinus. Some people are very interesting in DIY ear candling, however it is very important to note that ear coning should only used a special kind of candle known as the ear candles. Using any other kind of candle for this purpose can be very harmful to the health of your ear as well as to your general health. Let us find more interesting information about ear candling by reading the rest of this short article.


What Are Ear Candles Exactly?

Ear candling has turned out to be a very popular method for removing earwax. Many people believe that ear candling remedies may come with many benefits to our health and it has been practiced since the ancient age. In ear coning, an ear candle is lighted at one end and the other end of it is placed in the ear canal. In order to make this technique less dangerous, a supporting plate should be used during the burning process. This simple yet very protective item will keep you safe from ear injury and the lower the risks of burns. You can remove the candle from the ear canal after a few minutes. It is almost impossible to do an ear coning by yourself, you certainly need a help from an assistant. Beside removing earwax, this remedy can be very useful in removing other impurities from your ear.


If you care about making this remedy at home with some friend, you need to have all the required ear candling supplies. So, before you start with your ear coning, make sure that you have all the required materials including ear candles, pillow, scissor, bowl of water, towel and paper plate. Now that you have them all, you can start the process of ear candling very carefully with a help from a friend.


Once you are done with the whole process, you will be instantly indulged with a more relaxing and fresh feeling. Earwax, after all, should not be treated as a waste completely. We are allowed to remove some of it to help us maintain the health of our ear. However, it is important that you earwax also plays an important role in protecting our ear. Our system has its own natural technique for cleaning earwax.


Ear candling can be a good alternative to those medical treatment for treating your ear. However, it is never recommended for you to take this option without a proper knowledge and a careful approach. Whatever type of treatment that you choose to help you clean the earwax, you should always put the proper time into noting down any danger precautions before plunging in.


Comprehensive Guides & Where To Find

Ear Candling can be bought at some health stores that specialize in alternative medicine or you might be lucky to find them in cosmetic & aroma therapy places.  Other than that, you can also purchase ear candles online via a variety of sources such as

For a more comprehensive ear candling guide, we highly recommend the Ear Candling in Essence: Essential Guide by Mary Dalgleish
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