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March 22, 2016
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Personalize Your Creation By Adding Jewelry In Candles!

Candles have been a part of our culture for hundreds of years. Today, it seems like we have discovered more functions of candles as we use them for many different purposes. Cadles have now come in many variations and each type of candle comes up with their own characteristics and uses. Some candles are used for healthy purposes like ear candle or ear coning. Other than that, candles are also used in home decoration and aromatherapy purposes. This kind of candle tend to be equipped with specifically fragrances and unique shapes and packages. A number of candles companies and manufacturers have flooded the market with their own beautiful and attractive candle products. More interestingly, some of them have put jewelry in candles in their scented candle collections. This interesting and very surprising type of scented candle is high in demand as it can be a great gift idea to surprise your loved one.


Jewelry in candles has become a very effective way to attract more customers and it is clearly a nice idea to surprise them. Candles with various scents can be a great addition to our home decoration. It is a perfect item to help us set a good mood in our kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. One thing for sure, a scented candle can be a perfect gift for your lover. Moreover, if you like to surprise her in a very romantic manner, giving your girlfriend or wife a scented candle that has a hidden piece of jewelry inside seems like a perfect idea. Purchasing jewelry in candles has become a lot easier now considering that we have more companies in this industry. However, when you do not feel like spending a large amount of money for a scented candle or look for a more affordable way to surprise your girlfriend, you can always choose to create your own candles.


The procedure and technique of making a scented candle at home are pretty simple to follow (You can learn how to make candles and what you need here). When you have all the required materials and equipment for making the candle, you also have to come up with a colorful foil. Make sure that the foil is resistant to heat and has the same color with the wax so that you can hide the jewelry more easily. The heat resistant foil will protect your precious jewelry from the wax and the heat as well.


In making this kind of scented candle, you are free to choose the kind of jewelry to add into the wax. Ring, pendant and earring are the most common jewelries used to surprise the recipients. You can also choose from a number of different aromas for the candle. Make sure that you only pick the scents that your girlfriend loves. Jewelry in candles are obviously a very romantic way to surprise your wife or your girlfriend after she has a long and stressful day. The exotic aroma of the candle will help her relax instantly and the hidden jewelry will give her a romantic and remarkable surprise.