How To Make DIY Scented Candles

DIY Scented Candles

Learn How To Make DIY Scented Candles With These Few Easy Steps!

Scent is considered as one of the most influential memory triggers of the body, so it’s no surprise that DIY scented candles is an extremely common craft activity. Making your own scented candle enables you to customize the smell or aromas which fill your home, promoting relaxing, peaceful feelings. People interested in making scented candles have to gather important supplies.


Prepare The Materials (Required)

First off we’ll need to gather all the materials needed in order to have a successful candle making project.  The materials required for making DIY Scented Candles includes:

Double Boiler: A double boiler is a large pot that is filled with water to boil and a secondary pot set inside to melt the wax.

Wick Rope: The rope used to keep the candle burning and the wax melting.  Be sure to pick a large size wick as most small and medium size wicks might not cover the entire candle.

Fragrances Oil: Obviously, the fragrance that gives an aroma once the wax starts to melt. Without this you’ll just have a regular candle burning with no scent. When selecting scents, you can browse various candle fragrance oils to suit personal choices, holidays as well as special occasions. Popular fragrances oils include vanilla, lavender, chocolate, lines, pine as well as cinnamon. As specific holidays approach, shoppers might find seasonal aromas readily accessible in stores.

Glass Jar or Mason Jar: For huge candle project, having a glass jar such as a standard candle jar or a mason jar is enough to contain your new candle.

Layering Wax: There are three types of waxes that we highly recommend using.

– Paraffin: One of the most common and versatile waxes available. Extremely light in color and scent making it one of the easier to mix ingredients, colors, and scents together for the perfect candle.

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Beeswax: Wax created by bees as the byproduct of honey making.  Because the wax has been created during the honey making process, beeswax has a naturally sweet aroma and yellowish color. Perfect for ear candling as well as traditional candle making.

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– Gel Wax: Gel wax is a combination of mineral oils & resin resulting in a clear transparent material that burns and releases a scent just like traditional candle waxes.  Because of its transparent properties, gel wax opens the world of candle making to new combination of colors and layering effects.

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Optional Items

Molding Shapes: To make your scented candles more appealing and striking, it is advisable to get not just the ordinary molding shapes. Try to be unique as it is important if you have plans to sell it.

Colored Dyes: When making your own scented candle, you also require buying candle dye to add color to the wax. Wax staining could take patience when utilizing blocks or chips, particularly when combining the chips to get various hues. Candle eye in liquid form is easy to use and perfect if you want to get an intense color.

Jewelry: Today, you will see many scented candles accentuated with various kinds of jewelries. You can also add jewelries to make your own scented candle fashionable and chic.



DIY Scented Candles Making Steps

Prepare the Wax and Wick

Prior to starting, you must cut a length of wick which is two to three inches longer than the tallness of the molding shapes or candle container. Then, enfold the wick around the center of a straw and tie it in place. Set the drinking straw across the lid of the molder to make sure that the wick stays vertical and fixed when pouring the wax afterwards.


Mix or Dissolve the Wax

Start by putting about fourteen ounces of wax into the double boiler. You must set the fire to medium and allow the candle wax to dissolve until reaching 180° F.


Add Dyes and Fragrances

If the candle wax has reached the appropriate temperature and totally dissolved, remove it from the stove. If you choose liquid dye, you must add 2 to 3 drops to the candle wax and stir. Add fragrance oil only when the wax is cooling. It is also essential that you properly mix the candle wax after putting in dyes and oils to ensure its consistency.

At 125° F, carefully pour the candle wax into the molding and leave approximately one inch of space at the pinnacle. You must make sure that the drinking straw holding the candle wick rests in the middle of the candle wax. Allow the candle to rest for 5 to 8 hours. When making striped scented candles, you can layer various colored waxes in a clear container and let every layer go hard between pours.


Top Off and Cut The Wick

When you finish pouring the wax into your container and allow it to dry you will notice that the wax will harden and pull a bit from the sides as well as creating a small sinkhole in the middle.  Fix this problem by topping off the candle with a small layer of melted wax and allow it to fill in the gaps and sinkhole.  Once the wax has dried, the last step is to cut the wick to the desired length.


That’s it, Congratulation as you’ve just made your first candle! DIY scented candles making is an easy process and easy to remember the second time around.  Have fun and experiment with different scents, molds, colors, jewelry, and whatever you can come up with.  Happy candling!